Center for Research in Economic Behavior

CREB is a research center at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Wroclaw, Poland. We use different methodological approaches (lab experiments, naturalistic experiments, economic games, questionnaires, neuroimaging methods etc.) to investigate various aspects of people’s economic decisions, attitudes, and behaviors. Current research topics include: the psychological consequences of money; ethical and moral aspects of using money in everyday life; the psychological consequences of the market mindset at both individual and social levels; the role of mental imagery in risk perception and decision-making under risk and uncertainty; dynamic associations between mental imagery, affect, and cognitive evaluations in decision making under risk and uncertainty; socioeconomic status and trust; and psychological aspects of consumer behaviors and excessive buying. Our work focuses on both contributing to theoretical models in economic psychology, social psychology, and judgment & decision making and developing practical applications of our scientific research. CREB members cooperate with researchers from many countries and are active in international scientific organizations, such as International Association for Research in Economic Psychology or International Association of Applied Psychology.